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Embrace the True North

Located on the shores of Great Slave Lake and just 400 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle, Yellowknife is a place unlike any other. Affectionately known as our "little big city," Yellowknife balances big-city culture with small-town friendliness. Just minutes from downtown, you'll find yourself surrounded by the endless beauty of our Arctic wilderness while the magnificent Aurora Borealis dances across the night sky.


Honouring the North

Immerse Yourself in Rich Heritage and Traditions

The spirit of the North lives strongest in its people. Handmade items like soapstone carvings, birch bark baskets, and porcupine quill artwork are a part of our rich heritage and can be found in shops, homes, and galleries throughout the Northwest Territories.

And whether it is the sacred prayer songs of the Dene, the drumbeat of the Inuvialuit culture, or the toe-tapping fiddling that Irish and Scottish immigrants have brought to this land, Yellowknife is a place where music beats as the culture’s heart. Numerous festivals throughout the year celebrate our proud traditions in arts, crafts, and music.

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