Staying With Us

Why Yellowknife and the Explorer Hotel for your next Conference?

1. Easy Access

  • Only a 90 minute flight from Edmonton      
  • Free airport shuttle service

2. Aurora Viewing

  •  The Northern Lights are among the planet’s greatest natural wonders
  • Summer or winter viewing

3. Midnight Golfing

  • Unique golfing adventure
  • Play 18 holes under the midnight sun

4. History

  • Rich history dating back to the Gold Rush era

5. First Nations Culture

  • Experience Dene native culture
  • Visit the First Nations communities of N’dilo and Dettah

6. Fishing

  • Catch a white fish in Great Slave Lake
  • Spend a weekend at a remote fishing lodge

7. Festivals

  • Attend one of the many festivals throughout the year

8. Arts & Museums

  • Home of many Northern artists
  • Visit the famous Prince of Wales NorthernHeritage Centre

9. Lakes & Waterfalls

  • Experience the many lakes along the Ingram Trail
  • Hike in to the beautiful Cameron Falls

10. No Territorial Sales Tax

  • Spend the savings on a fantastic meal

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